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The Top 3 Reasons Svolta Does Not Make Electric Scooters for Kids

With a name like Svolta, some see "volt" and think electric. We have been asked numerous times whether we make electric scooters, or if we will. These are the reasons we have said "no" to making e-scooters for kids. 

1. Children need physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a child ride an e-scooter defeats the purpose of using a scooter to remain physically active.

2. An electric scooter moves faster than a child normally would when riding a manually powered scooter. The increased speed contributes to a more dangerous riding experience. If a crash should occur, the impact would be more significant at a higher speed.

3. We can see why an adult might use an e-scooter to commute around town. E-scooters have a lower carbon footprint than a car or motorcycle. They provide an affordable mode of transportation. But, for a child riding in a park, an electric scooter seems a bit unnecessary, possibly hazardous and most likely a nuisance for those near by.

These three reasons are enough for us to stay away from making/selling e-scooters, however, we recognize how fun they can be for both adults and children. Every rider and scenario is different.

  • Some riders have better control and balance at a younger age, allowing them better and safer maneuverability in public spaces.
  • Some families utilize private spaces where kids can ride their e-scooters without having to worry about disturbing the public or bumping into a pedestrian.
  • Some kids participate in other forms of physical activity or sports so riding a scooter is purely a leisurely activity rather than depended upon as a form of exercise.

Whether riding a foot-powered manual scooter or an electric scooter, remember to ride safely, wear a helmet to protect those precious noggins and have fun!