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3 Best Bike and Scooter Helmets for Infants and Toddlers

The little ones are on the move! Let's protect those heads! Here at SVOLTA we always recommend wearing a helmet while scooting (or biking). In California, as in many other states, a helmet is required by law for everyone under the age of 18, while riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard or inline skates.

However, it can be challenging finding a helmet small enough for an infant. Most kids bike helmets start at sizes for 2 year olds and up. We've listed our top 3 helmets for the wee ones below.

Our favorite helmet brand for infants is Nutcase. Nutcase made cool looking helmets in various designs for adults, youth, and babies. Their infant helmets can accommodate very small heads.

Nutcase Baby Nutty Infant Toddler Bike Scooter Helmet

This Oodlies Artist Series helmet (above) can be found in the Baby Nutty collection on the Nutcase website. Regularly priced at $49.99*, this helmet is currently on sale for $39.99*.

Another company, Bern, specializes in helmets for outdoor activities: bike, skate, snow, and water. We love this matte black Nino helmet for ages 5-8, priced at $39.99* on their website.

Bern Helmet Bike Scooter Youth Kids

Next up, we have the Lil Ripper toddler helmet by Bell, priced at $45.00* on the Bell site. It's hard for us to say no to black and white checkers! This helmet was probably designed to represent racing flags, but we like to think it still works for SKA/skate/street style.

Bell Black and White Checkered Kids Bike Scooter Helmet

To find the correct size, it's always best to defer to each brand's independent size chart. Measure your child's head with a measuring tape to find the most closely matched size. When selecting sizes, size up versus down. If your child's head measures 17.5 inches and the XS accommodates up to 17 inches, then select size S instead, as the XS will not fit.

For the littlest of riders, we recommend the Baby Nutty collection by Nutcase. If your child is 2 years old or older, you'll find a bit more options.

Happy scooting (with helmets)!

*Prices subject to change. Quoted prices from 2/28/2020.