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SVOLTA Teal Lighting Bolt Reflective Bunny Safety Sticker

SVOLTA Teal Lighting Bolt Reflective Bunny Safety Sticker

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Teal Lightning Bolt

**Red lightning bolt shown for illustration purposes only. This listing is for the teal/gray sticker.**

Stay safe with this cute, yet cool Bowie-inspired lightning bolt bunny reflective sticker!

Use as a safety sticker on helmets, bikes, scooters, skateboards, and strollers.

The sticker reflects light at night. Sticker does not reflect light during the day.

Available in red/aqua or teal/gray lightning bolt.

Easy-to-peel sticker: 1 bunny, 1 Svolta logo

*Helmet and scooter not included.

Made of reflective vinyl. Made in the U.S.A.

Size: Overall 2"x2" *actual size of the bunny is approximately 1.875 inches in height.

The Los Angeles-based SVOLTA team proudly designs stylish kids' scooters and accessories in 'mid century modern inspired' gender androgynous color combinations.