2023 Mini Gift Guide for Kids– Toys We Actually Play With!

2023 Mini Gift Guide for Kids– Toys We Actually Play With!

We put together a mini gift guide with a few of our favorite toys we've actually tested and played with. We'd like to consider this an anytime gift guide for holidays, birthdays, graduation or special occasions.

Purposeful gifts for kids (that parents might even enjoy)– tested for quality, function and playability!


This adorable toy cart was a Target find. We needed an aesthetically pleasing display for our sample sale and this toy market cart was perfect. We loved this piece so much that we actually wrote a review about it on the Target.com site. Some reviews cite poor quality, but we disagree. In our experience, if assembled properly, this cart is very sturdy and well-made. Assembly is relatively easy and straightforward. Using an electric drill in gentle spurts to tighten the screws will eliminate any gaps or loose wheels.

We didn't use the black and white stripe canopy (which we love). We assembled the wooden posts from the canopy to use as a clothing rack for our purposes. When we use the cart for future events, we'll put the canopy on– we're thinking a hot cocoa bar for the holidays!

This toy cart sells out quickly and is difficult to find in Target stores, but is still available on Target.com. Target has restocked this item a few times already.

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Toy Market Cart at Target

Our sample sale display at The Drop in Glendale Galleria

Svolta Display Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Toy Cart from Target

Svolta Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target Toy Cart


*supports a small business

We've found so many uses for these Fort Boards. We have both the light blue and gray sets. They take up very little space when stored, which is great! These building boards are made from high quality materials– they're not flimsy. We've had these for years and have never experienced any breakage.

Let your imagination run wild with endless building! Build an igloo, a rocket, an octopus or whatever you can imagine.

Fort Boards in Light Blue

Scooter/car port

Svolta Scooter / Car Port Fort Boards

Scoot/drive thru

Svolta Fort Boards Scoot Thru Drive Thru

Puppy play pen (for plushies)

Fort Boards Puppy Play Pen


*supports a small business

We're highlighting the Legend folding scooter this year. The Legend 2-wheel sports a premium build and folds up into a compact, travel-friendly scooter. With its matte finish, champagne gold accents, and lightning bolt houndstooth grip tape, the Legend scooter is a fun option for style-centric kids.

Like all scooters in the Svolta collection, the Legend comes in gender neutral color combinations. Available in Black, Aqua, Teal and Gray. Check out all three styles of scooters, along with newly added accessories from at Svoltaride.com

Svolta Legend 2-wheel scooters travel-friendly compact folding

Check out our blog post on traveling with Legend scooters.

How to Travel with Scooters to Catalina Island


We've had the Victrola portable suitcase for several years. Our kids were ages 5 and 7 when they were gifted this record player for Christmas. It's a great entry level record player at a reasonable price ($69.99 on victrola.com at the time of writing this post).

We have 'The Journey' model in turquoise. We love being able to share our appreciation for vinyl with the kids. We started a new family tradition where the kids get to pick out one new album every year (without judgement or criticism from us parents...).

We taught the kids how to handle the record without scratching the vinyl. Yes, we had a few cringe moments in the beginning. Years later, we still enjoy listening to music as a family and take turns playing DJ.

Victrola Portable Suitcase Record Player Open Turquoise

Victrola Portable Suitcase Closed

Victrola Portable Record Player


*supports a small business

Encourage creativity in kids (and adults). This 3D printer was designed for ease-of-use. Our family has been using this Toybox 3D printer for a few years now.

The app is very simple to use and hosts a decent catalog of ready-to-print items. For things not on the Toybox catalog, we have usually been able to find pre-made .stl files on thingiverse.com and other 3D community sites.

We use our Toybox to print different elements for use in our DIY snow globes. Many of our homemade gifts contain parts printed by our Toybox.

Toybox 3d printer for kids easy-to-use

3D printed stems for Halloween pumpkin pom pom buddies

3D Printed Stems on Halloween Pom Pom Buddies

Homemade snow globes for gifting to friends and family (from 2022)

Snorlax 3D Printed DIY Snow Globe using Toybox

Bulbasaur Santa 3D Printed DIY Snow Globe using Toybox

Homemade snow globes for gifting to friends and family (from 2021)

Ninjago 3D Printed DIY Snow Globe with Toybox

Fractal Trees 3D Printed DIY Snow Globe with Toybox


We just added this sweet little Yeti to our Holiday Shop. This plush toy is based on the adorable book, written and illustrated by Christopher Straub, that shows children (and adults!) how to easy it can be to choose kindness over bullying. The Unabominable Yodi was created and designed by Christopher Straub (from Project Runway: Season 6). The pixel bolt hoodie was designed by SVOLTA.

 The Unabominable Yodi Yeti Plush Toy Svolta Edition Hoodie

Need more gift ideas? Check out our 2023 Holiday Shop for a curated selection of season items. Happy gifting!

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