Who We Are

The Name

Like most companies creating products for kids, we were inspired by our own children. So, naturally, in naming the brand, we wanted to include them. We mixed up parts of our little boys’ first and middle names (Sterling and Volta) and came up with Svolta.

Out of due diligence, we had to make sure svolta didn’t translate to anything weird or offensive and found...

In Italian, svolta means a turn or a bend (in the road). Roman millennials have adopted the word and given it a new meaning --- luck. Both interpretations work for us.

Che svolta! We imagine some lucky kid riding a Svolta scooter through many bends in the park road.

The Mission

Our mission is to create awesome, premium scooters for kids, with a few important underlying goals:

"Riding the Runway" Catwalk? Tarmac? Adventure and style.

We’re making never boring, gender neutral / unisex scooters and products for kids. By creating the balance between feminine and masculine color combinations (and artwork), we hope Svolta scooters will never be blatantly identified as a ‘boy scooter’ or ‘girl scooter.' Much of our inspiration comes from mid century modern color palettes from fashion and interior design.

Thinking small.

We love small, independent businesses– local toy retailers, unique general stores and quirky bike repair shops are the types of community outlets we envision for our products.

We want to give back.

We are a DTC “Direct to Community” brand. We partner with nonprofits serving children's education (i.e. schools), organizations inspiring creativity and innovation in kids, and other charitable establishments benefiting the health and well-being of children. Let's chat about fundraising opportunities here. We think of it as profit sharing with the local communities rather than paying out to big box retailers. 

The Bolt

When we think ‘volta’ we think ‘lightning bolt.’ When we think ‘androgynous’ we think ‘Bowie.’ The bolt we’ve created to represent Svolta pays homage to David Bowie, who was a trailblazer! We will forever be inspired by his ability to ride the lines of androgyny, rebel against conformity, and challenge outdated ideology.