Back-to-School Prep for Parents and Kids

Back-to-School Prep for Parents and Kids

Back-to-school prep is all about setting a positive tone for the upcoming year. It can be both a hectic and exciting time of year. Here are few fun tips to kick off a great year:

Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers work tirelessly to create engaging learning environments, foster growth, and inspire their students. Let's explore a few thoughtful gift ideas to make your teacher's day brighter!

1. Cute Stationery Set: A Touch of Playfulness

A cute stationery set adds a little fun to a teacher's workspace. This gift is both practical and thoughtful. If you're not sure your teacher likes 'cute' things, opt for simple and elegant instead.

2. Bookstore or Coffee Shop Gift Card: A Treat to Enjoy

Give your teacher the gift of choice with a gift card to a local bookstore or a favorite coffee shop. This allows them to unwind with a good book or enjoy a cup of their preferred beverage. Starbucks gift cards are an easy go-to.

3. Handwritten Thank-You Letter: Heartfelt Gratitude

Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts come from the heart. Write a heartfelt thank-you letter expressing your gratitude for their dedication, passion, and hard work. If you're looking to add a little something extra, pair this with a practical Target or Amazon gift card.

4. Personalized Succulent: Something for the Classroom

A succulent gift is a symbol of care, growth, and nurturing– qualities educators embody. Select a unique pot or container that complements the succulent and adds a touch of style. With proper care, your succulent gift will continue to brighten up the classroom all year!

Unique Succulent Gift for Teachers Back-to-School The Costa Verde

Photo credit: @thecostaverde

Friendship Forge: BFFs and Kindness

With an open heart, a dash of courage, and an adventurous spirit, step closer to forging new friendships this year.

1. Open-Hearted Beginnings: As you step into the classroom, remember that everyone is a potential friend. Approach each day with an open heart and a welcoming smile. You're about to meet fellow adventurers with their own unique stories and personalities!

2. Courageous Conversations: Start off by saying "hello" and asking simple questions like, "What was your favorite thing about summer vacation?" or "What do you like to do for fun?"

3. Inclusive Invitations: Inclusion fosters a sense of belonging and creates a warm and welcoming environment. Sometimes a simple invite, "Would you like to join us?" can make a fellow schoolmate's day 100% more awesome!

Ready, Set, School: Getting Geared Up

With a combination of comfort, style, and practicality, step into the school year with the outfits and accessories to boost confidence.

1. Statement Backpacks: We see kids with all types of character backpacks each school year, expressing some sort of special interest or fandom. Choose one that speaks to your style and personality!

2. Graphic Magic: Graphic tees are a canvas for self-expression. From superheroes to favorite animals or quirky quotes, graphic tees help reflect kids' interests and spark conversations.

3. Vinyl Stickers: Vinyl stickers are a great way to decorate water bottles, notebooks, pencil cases and so on. Can't find that insulated water bottle with your child's favorite character? Chances are you'll find plenty of vinyl stickers in that character which can easily be adhered to a high-quality Thermos or Simple Modern insulated water bottle!

Svolta Chibi Tennis Vinyl Sticker

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