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SVOLTA "Ace" 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Toddler Convertible Scooter - Teal

SVOLTA "Ace" 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Toddler Convertible Scooter - Teal

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Start your little one on the SVOLTA 2-in-1 "Ace" Sit and Stand scooter as an easy-to-ride sitting scooter while he or she is learning balance during the early stages of mobility.

Convert to a stable 3-wheel scooter by snapping the seat in the front holders. This design is especially handy with toddlers as they're starting to stand while scooting, but may not have the stamina to make their way all the way around the track without a bit of a sit down break.

Need a scooter to grow with your child? The "Ace" scooter offers:

  • Adjustable seat heights
  • Adjustable handle bar heights

Recommended for ages 1 to 5. Max weight 55 lbs.

The "Ace" scooter's adaptive design can also aid with balance and mobility for children with special physical needs. *If your child has special physical needs, please consult your physical therapist for proper use in regards to your child's individual situation.

Please remember to always wear a helmet while scooting!

The Los Angeles-based SVOLTA team proudly designs stylish kids' scooters in gender neutral color combinations. 

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